Our story began when we started making fresh, homemade soups using nothing but true, honest ingredients. They were quickly slurped up and people wanted more, so we decided to share the deliciousness and sell them out of the back of our cosy van. And that’s how Pitango was born 20 years ago!

Our high protein meals are packed with fresh nutrients, macro balanced and perfectly portioned. For those in need of a quick and healthy lunch or dinner, simply reheat our range of meals and soups.

Since 1910 we have been crafting and curating a gourmet range of meat products. From our founding father, Reggie Beak, to every son and daughter that has followed, our quality is a cut above with ingredients that favour the flavour.

Born and raised in NSW’s picturesque Hunter Valley, Simmone Logue learned the art of cooking by her nannas, both had recipes and secrets to bequeath her. Famous for her delicious and lovingly crafted cakes, pies and pastry products.

Latina is the leading Fresh Pasta & Sauce Brand in Australia. We licence the Latina Brand from General Mills to provide delicious, quality fresh ready to heat meals to Australian families meal they can rely on, especially in the busy mid week!

For over twenty years Pasta Master has created family pasta favourites. Our Al Forno range of authentic recipes is oven baked for perfection. Great to have in the fridge for those nights where time is short and crave dishing up a hearty classic pasta dish.

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